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Don’t break your bones trying to remove the ice dams. Just enjoy the snow and leave the job of removing ice dams to us.

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Ice Dam Removal In Concord NH

In Concord, NH, roof shoveling and ice dam removal are essential winter maintenance tasks that homeowners should not overlook. With heavy snowfall, ice dams can form, causing substantial damage to the structure of the house. Shoveling the roof prevents these dams from forming and keeps the roofing materials intact. Moreover, removing excessive snow from the roof takes weight off the home, preventing structural damage that could lead to costly repairs. It is crucial to hire a professional to ensure proper removal techniques and minimize any potential harm.

At Able Metal Roofing, we provide top-notch roof shoveling and ice dam removal services in Concord, NH, that are safe for your building.

If you require ice dam damage repair, we can undoubtedly assist. In addition, we provide the following:

  • Reliable Service
  • Rapid Reaction Time
  • Free quote/estimation

Ice dams are not worth risking your safety for. For safe and effective ice dam removal this winter, get in touch with us at Able Metal Roofing today! Our team removes any ice dams that may have formed on your building using the correct processes and all appropriate safety measures.

Benefits of Our Roof Shoveling and Ice Removal Services

Winter time is a favorite for many of us. Commercial properties benefit from the aesthetic attractiveness of snow and ice, which also makes the roadway appear inviting. On the other hand, having snow and ice build-up on your property’s roof or the driveway might be dangerous. By employing a professional roof shoveling and ice removal expert for clearance, consumers can avoid this risk. Hiring a professional to finish the project has several advantages. Here are a few examples: 

Employing an internal crew to take care of their snow removal requirements is not a wise or economical move. By outsourcing your snow clearing requirements, you could more than half your prices and avoid the supplementary repair and maintenance fees that come with owning your own snow removal equipment.

  • Hiring a qualified firm to deal with this buildup will assist avoid the potential medical disaster and injury that could occur from slipping, sliding, or other incidents. 
  • Commercial snow clearing firms have the necessary tools and a staff that is knowledgeable in how to use them. 
  • This issue is addressed by commercial ice and snow removal firms by offering dependable and certified services.
  • Hiring an expert for shoveling snow off your roof and removing ice may seem like an additional expense, but the benefits are twofold. 

Firstly, it prevents ice dams from forming, which are not only unsightly but can also cause water damage to your home. Secondly, it takes the excessive weight off of your home, preventing potential structural damage. With our expert roof shoveling and ice removal services, we ensure that your home stays protected throughout the winter season.

Ice Dam Removal Experts From Concord & Nearby Areas

An ice dam can be a major problem for any homeowner during winter. It is essential that when you get the first signs of an ice dam forming on your roof, you should make sure that you immediately contact a professional ice dam removal company in Concord. Do not let it sit around on your top, or you might face serious consequences. Concord ice dam removal is necessary to prevent a catastrophic event from happening. The sooner you do it, the better the chances you have of prolonging the life of your home. Besides, ice dam removal in Concord is an in-demand job when the snow starts to melt, so you do not want to wait for weeks to get your turn because most companies are fully booked.

Able Metal Roofing provides expert services in removing the toughest ice dams efficiently and perfectly without damaging your roof. Your roof will be cleared of snow and ice, and any remaining ice will be hammered away or heated with a steam machine for it to evaporate. We provide free estimates and work at budget-friendly prices.

Eliminate ice dams to avoid ice accumulation. Protect your roof and your house. Contact us right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

When an ice dam has formed, it is crucial to get rid of it before more freezing and thawing causes it to grow and harm the roofing and gutters. The two most popular methods for removing ice dams are either utilizing ice dam tools to split the ice into manageable pieces for removal or cleaning the ice with a substance that will allow it to dissolve.

In theory, trying to get rid of ice dams permanently is simple and clear: just maintain an even warmth across the whole roof. To achieve this, increase ventilation, add insulation, and stop any air leaks that could potentially overheat the roof’s base.

When de-icing a smaller, enclosed space, certain projects can be completed in as little as two hours, and others can require up to several days, especially the properties that have an epic amount of ice and snow accumulated. It’s vital to keep in mind that the length of time it takes to remove an ice dam is sometimes not influenced by the size of your property.

Call Us Today To Learn About Ice Dam Removal Services

Enjoy the snowfall without worrying about removing ice dams. We are just a call away. Get in touch with us, our staff will be at your house as soon as possible with all the necessary equipment. Our ice dam removal service won’t cost you a lot of money; we have reasonable rates for all our services.

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